Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Love That Vince

This from Dlisted:

Wait for Ozone...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Friday, April 24, 2009

This Week In Fun

GOSSIP: Michael Jackson is having financial troubles and recently tried to sell off all of his belongings to raise money for himself. Unfortunately for everyone wanting several little bronzed boys for their garden or a portrait of Michael Jackson as a century-old King of Spain staring down at them from their entryway, MJ called off the auction at the last minute. He wants to keep all his shit so he can truly put his children, Prince Michael, Blanket, Prince Michael II and Paris in therapy someday.

Ginger sent me a hilarious article from someone who was able to actually go and preview all of his creepy possessions. Here are some pictures:

Prince Michael Portrait

Peter Michael Pan air-brushed on hood of car.

Young fans in formaldehyde.

If you'd like to check out Julien's auction and see more pictures and even a "making of" video for MJ's auction, click here now. If you are in the Beverly Hills area through tomorrow, April 25th, the exhibition will still be on display.


Dumb picture time:

I had drinks with my friend Paris....and Nick and Tom too.

Paris told Nick and Tom to beat it.
She needed her Jones...

...and I, too, needed my Paris.

I love this picture from Dlisted.

Have a good weekend!!

Let Me Get This Off My Chest

Jon and I were burgled last weekend. We came home Sunday afternoon to discover our home torn apart and many of our possessions with "street value" stolen (laptops, cameras, etc.). This week, for me, has been a blur as I continue to fill out police reports, secure my identity and bank accounts, change passwords and try to bring some calm back to my life.

I've kept fairly quiet about this whole thing, feeling a little like a scared rape victim. No one actually raped me, but I've been blaming myself for the break-in; perhaps I was dressed too provocatively (my home was too appealing), my body language was asking for negative attention, (bathroom window unlocked) and how could any man resist my curves (laptops)? I know it's not my or Jon's fault any of this happened. Still, it's an awful feeling any time something is taken from you.
Thank you to my friends for their support and help to replace some of our stolen belongings.

In other news...

My sister, Lauri, had her uterus removed yesterday. Lauri is a tough broad. She lives in Alaska, built her own log cabin, guts fish, skins caribou and chews tobacco. Apparently, she has had a cyst the size of a small volleyball on her ovary for several years now. She doesn't want to have children and decided to just get all of her hardware removed so any cysts or other "girly" problems would not cause problems in the future.

My mother is up in Wasilla, Alaska right now helping rehabilitate Lauri along with Lauri's lady-friend (whom I've never met), Cory. I haven't heard any updates on her condition but my thoughts are with her.

At any rate, I'm trying to talk about all this not-fun-stuff as part of some self therapy. It's been weighing heavy on my heart.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bru-NO!: Blogging for the Purpose of Recording Things and Stuff That Are Amusing To Me and Possibly to Others

Sacha Baron Coehn's new movie, Bruno: Delicious Journeys Through America for the Purpose of Making Heterosexual Males Visibly Uncomfortable in the Presence of a Gay Foreigner in a Mesh T-Shirt, is coming out soon. Because I like seeing people's feather's ruffled and straight people act gay for the purpose of my entertainment, I'm very excited. There's a ton of stuff online right now...among them, these photos. The trailer has been restricted everywhere online so you have to go to the website to watch the trailer.

Bruno crashing a catwalk in Milan. (below)

Here's a video of Bruno from the Ali G. show.

Ron Paul discussing Bruno. (below)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Super Bunicula Crossword Foulmouth

Elle's mom made a bunny cake for Easter dinner. I thought it looked like bunicula, the fabled red-eyed rabbit that sucks the life (and juice) from vegetables. I wish some of those Peeps were missing their heads.

Ryan Fact No. #17: Ryan is always on the look out for his ethnic twin. When he cannot find his, he will look for yours.

I found Christopher Reeves' ethnic (Asian) twin.

My sister and I play WordScrapper online which, I've found, is one of the highlights of my day. Lately she's been beating me due to the fact that the computer accepts her fake words. We IM and talk some game while we play:

2:34pm Ryan -- Your turn

[Chrissy enters the word "porks"]

2:34pm Ryan -- Porks? Really? That's your word?

2:34pm Chrissy -- yeah

2:37pm Ryan -- please use it in a sentence

2:38pm Chrissy -- the dude porks the girl

2:38pm Ryan --I cannot believe your filthy mouth.

[Ryan enters the word "amok"]

11:26:am Ryan -- go

[Chrissy enters the word "ono"]

11:28am Chrissy -- go already

11:29am Ryan -- Oh. Ono.

11:29am Chrissy -- amok

11:29am Ryan--That's a real word. run amok

11:30am Chrissy -- meaning?

11:30am Ryan -- Go crazy. Run wild. Ono? Meaning?

11:30am Chrissy-- ono he is running amok

[Ryan enters the word "Japan"]

2:31pm Ryan -- go

[Chrissy enters the word "quins"]

2:33pm Chrissy -- go

2:33pm Ryan -- Sentence please.

2:33pm Chrissy -- the quins went for awalk

2:34pm Ryan -- is that an abreviation

2:35pm Chrissy -- of what

2:35pm Ryan -- quintuplet. how are you using it?

2:35pm Chrissy -- i am not using it Japan, just a word

2:35pm Ryan -- Japan is a word, quin is not. Hold on, I'm going.

[Ryan enters the word "hic"]

2:37pm Ryan -- go

[Chrissy enters the word "li"]

2:42pm Chrissy -- go, hic

2:43pm Ryan --go, Li

2:45pm Chrissy -- i have all vowels

2:45pm Ryan -- work with it girl

[Ryan enters the word "robot"]

2:46pm Ryan -- go

[Chrissy enters the word "zas"]

2:52pm Chrissy -- go. and she is back on top. go

3:01pm Ryan -- O. K. what's zas?

3:02pm Chrissy -- it is short for pizzas.

3:02pm Ryan --In what world? Sentence please.

3:03pm Chrissy -- Chrissy threw zas at Ryan.

3:03pm Ryan -- hahahaha