Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mind Your Own Poo-Poo Problems

I was coming home from work when I ran into my neighbors, Ariel and Dima, with their son 3.5 year old, Jackson. Ariel was carrying a sad-looking Jackson in her arms who was carrying a grimy-looking Piglet stuffed animal in his.

Me: (English accent) Good evening!

Ariel: (calmly) We're going to the hospital.

Me: Oh, really? Is everything okay?

Ariel: Jackson has a poo-poo problem.

(Jackson buries his head in his mother's chest, embarrassed.)

Me: I'm sorry. (to Jackson, in kid voice) Are you taking Piglet to the hospital?

(Jackson perks up a little and proudly holds up the Piglet doll.)

Ariel: He's just constipated and has a tummy ache, (to Jackson) don't you? Everyone has poo-poo problems. Mommy has poo-poo problems and Daddy has poo-poo problems and Piglet has poo-poo problems...

Jackson: (laughing) No he doesn't!

Ariel: ...yes, he does, and Ryan sometimes has poo-poo problems. Everyone does.

Me: It's true. Well, you should get off to the hospital and take care of that plumbing.

Ariel: Bye!