Friday, April 25, 2014

Taffy and I Take a Break

(On break from work.  I'm sitting at a table having coffee with Taffy.)

Taffy: No one takes breaks around here.  I take breaks all the time but no one wants to take one. 

Me: Really?  I want to take breaks.  Anything to get away from my computer. 

Taffy: When I ask, hey, you wanna go get a donut or ice cream with me, people tell me they're busy, but they don't look busy.  Do you think maybe they just don't like me?

Me: (shrugs) Can't say.

(Later in the conversation.)

Taffy: My roommate has HBO and I want to watch it all the time but I don't understand it.

Me: You don't understand HBO?  You mean the shows?

Taffy: Yes, yes, the shows are hard to follow.  I was watching a show called True Detective and I couldn't even tell you what it's about.  It's like a mystery thing.

Me: The one with Woody Harrelson?

Taffy: Is that his name?  I don't know any names.  But I was watching it because I see ads for it all the time.  So I watched the first four episodes and I was like, I don't get this, and then I noticed I was out of wine.   And then--

Me: Wait, as in you didn't have any wine and you needed more or you finished the bottle you were drinking and wanted more?

Taffy: Yes.  Then, you know what?  I watched an episode last night and really liked it and I wasn't drinking wine.  So, maybe I was just confused the first time because of wine even though I don't really get it now.

Me: Who can say?

Taffy: But, I think overall it's not a bad show.