Thursday, July 10, 2014

We Will Be Friends

Erin, is a new woman in our office, and I have to give her training on various computer programs, including Outlook and the schedule/calendar system we use.

(Sitting in Erin's cubicle, working at the computer.)

Me: You've used Outlook, right?

Erin: Kind of.

Me: Things are a little tricky with work calendars here because people don't always put when they're here, when they're gone, then you schedule a meeting--it's a mess.  You should get in the habit of putting everything you can on your calendar.

Erin: Okay.  You mean like date stuff and that sort of thing?

Me: Yeah, anything that you want to block off.

Erin: I mean, not a date-date, like I have a lunchtime quickie, or something--oh, I shouldn't say that! I'm so sorry.

Me: Haha, that's okay. (pointing to computer screen with pen) So here, if you click Share Calendar you can let other people see your appointments and when you've got free time and when you're busy.

Erin: Oh, just that button?

Me: (pointing again with pen)  Yes.  Right here.  Put in the email addresses of people you want to share your calendar with.

Erin: So, anything, like I have a meeting with David, or I have to go to the dentist, and I want everyone to know?

Me: Yes, and here (more pen tapping on computer screen) you can say whether you want the meeting title private or open.  People will just see if you're busy or not busy and if you leave it open, they can see what you're doing.

Erin: I should make my sideburn waxing appointment private then, right?

Me: You don't have sideburns.

Erin: (touching where sideburns used to be) Thank you!

Me: Did I just walk into that one?

Erin: Yes!  A lot of work goes into concealing my true identity.

Me: Do you wax during work hours?

Erin: If I can get an appointment.

Me: Maybe just hold off on sharing your calendar for now.

Erin: If you say so.