Monday, February 22, 2016

ALC 2016: 104 Days Left, 7% of Goal

Ooooboy, am I in it now! Very sore but also energized today to get to gettin'. But first, HUGE thank you to Katy Streeter, Heather Forest and Sarah Morgan for donating to my ride. My body has been fighting me every step toward training and these contributions make it hard for me to turn back. Thank you all for the encouragement and support!

After a cold set my training back a few weeks, I jumped into it full force. Spinning, Spinning, Spinning and then yesterday a much bigger training ride than I was ready for. I met my riding buddy, Tom, out in Orinda for what I thought would be a short cruise by a field of cows. No. It was a 48 mile hilly struggle that has me creaking and grunting like an old man today. When I got home Jon presented me with flowers:

Jon: (holding up flowers) I'm so proud of you!

Me: (barely standing) Thank you. I just want to take a shower and get out of these clothes.

Jon: What can I do?

Me: Can you whisper poetry into my ass.

Jon: (wincing) That is maybe the weirdest and grossest thing you have ever said to me.

Not true. I've said much weirder and grosser things. I'm sure of it. In the many training rides to come, I know I will look back on this and remember how easy it was.

About to set out.


I'd forgotten how ravenous training makes me--like almost inhuman. At lunch on the training ride we stopped at Lunardi's. They make huge, and in my opinion, over-priced sandwiches. But good. Tom and I both got tuna and a medium bag of chips. Just about every rider (there were 50 on our ride) got a sandwich. We sat around the front of the store and chatted while we ate. Many riders remarked, "These sandwiches are huge. How am I going to finish this?" Meanwhile my sandwich, in its entirety, and a bag of chips, and part of Tom's chips, and another rider's bag of chips were digesting happily in my gut. NOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM!

My thoughts go out to the rider this weekend who got into a nasty accident and is in a coma. I don't know any details but it happened on the same ride I rode Sunday. I don't take lightly how dangerous it can be out on those roads. I've seen people have nasty spills and have even fallen myself. Ride safe. Drive safe. Be safe.

My tribute to Scalia.


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Monday, February 15, 2016

ALC 2016: 111 Days Left, 3% of Goal

For the past 5 days, I've been under gray cats and blankets, sick as a dog. I've watched more Netflix than Netflix has to offer. I've drank every stink tea a hippie store could sell. It's been rough and no, I've not done a lick of training this week for the ride. I'm feeling discouraged but that's all on me. Won't you help a sick rider in need?

BUT, I do have something else to share! An uncomfortable and gross email from the office! I really shouldn't be sharing this but it kills me not to. So here you go:

From:  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Sent: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
To: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Cc: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Subject: Notice of Unpleasantness in >>>>>>>> Envelope
Sensitivity: Confidential

Hi >>>>> and all:

I’d like us to keep the following information CONFIDENTIAL as not to
cause too much “chatter” about this incident.

>>>>> advised me that she received an >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> envelope from someone today who placed nothing but human hair in the envelope. Looks like could be pubic hair or hair from a very personal space. Ick.

Understandably we don’t want to investigate the contents too much more close up as it is very disturbing. I have asked for some gloves to be brought over from Chemistry so my gift processing staff can use them as protection while opening the mail from here on in should they choose to do so.

I am telling you all this because I want it to go on record that the
person or person(s) who sent the letter wrote: “From >>>>>! and the
boys” on the envelope in the return address area. The return address
was given as >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. The address seems to be bogus but
they got the area and zip code right. They also wrote “>>>>>>>>>>>!”
on the envelope so it seemed like a donation would be within. However,
it was a trick to get us to open.

I just wanted to make sure >>>> knows about it so he can be aware and members of your staff to be on the lookout for anything from “>>>>>> and the Boys!” in the future. Including >>>>>> on this in case she sees anything in the mail from this return address in the future.

Kind regards,


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Also, whilst medicine-induced, I taught myself how to animate. Random? Yes. Lookout Skywalker Ranch, I'm coming for you!

Valentine's Day cartoon for Jon (instead of flowers).

Logo for Camp Rewind, a summer
music camp  for grown ups.


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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Monday, February 8, 2016

ALC 2016: 118 Days Left, 3% of Goal

Okay, I'll admit my schedule this weekend has been off. I did not hit my training goals for ALC and even ate an entire sleeve box of Girl Scout Thin Mints in lieu of riding. If you are what you eat, I can't wait to be thin and minty!

I'll talk about my training and getting back on track next week. But first I want to thank Grace Allan for her recent donation, bringing me to 3% of my goal. Thank you Grace!! Very thoughtful of you and I greatly appreciate your generous support.

Sooooo, if you're not saturated with news of this already--yesterday Jon, me, and about 100 of his Amador Valley High School kids participated in the Super Bowl Halftime show! We had to be hush about the whole thing. There was a heavy military and police presence all day, with multiple checkpoints for us leading up to Levi's Stadium.

Here's an excellent rundown of events as told by Kristen Dean, a superstar AVHS parent who worked tirelessly to coordinate efforts on our end:

"Pepsi Girls"
Halftime wristbands
Holding tank for musicians
Field cast
Drawing of stage. Dorito-looking
thing (R) represents Beyonce.
Loading the school buses for Levi's Stadium.
Traffic stopped, we were
escorted by a CHP motorcade.
Jet fighters passed by our motorcade.
It was a bright, sunny day.
Levi's Stadium at last.
Logos and branding galore!
Cal Band in pastels.
Waiting to rush onto the field.
Coldplay takes the stage.
Bad pano of stadium.
So, so many fireworks.
Bey takes the field. That fire was HOT.
Boom! No wigs were damaged in the production.
Jon is living it.
Good Night.

Current mood.


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Friday, February 5, 2016

ALC 2016: 121 Days Left, 2% of Goal

I only just started my ALC 2016 training this week and it was brutal. BREW-TALL.

Full disclosure, I have not been on my bike, er, any bike in nearly a year. That's why 40 minutes into my first Spin class I was off my speeder and sitting on the disgusting, sweat-slick floor trying to keep myself from passing out completely. Sad, because I was only giving it, say, 70% of my all and even that made me see stars. Now I know where I'm at with training--the very first step. Or perhaps in the foyer before you get to the first step. So far to go.

Special THANK YOU to my recent supporters: Nancy McGee and Dana Jantz! As I've said, I've only started training and these two gave before I even put on my first pair of padded shorts. I've done the ALC ride twice before (2012, 2013) and it's a commitment. I can't do it without the support of my friends and family. So thank you again Nancy and Dana for not only being the first to donate, but reminding me that even during Girl Scout Cookie Season, there are people who care enough to show me some love.

Current mood.


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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Never Nudi-branch

I'm copy editing an event invitation for California Academy of Sciences and in it reads the line, "...the Zoology collection includes shells, nudibranchs and corals to amaze!"
I changed the line completely and edited out "nudibranchs".To my editing suggestions, this exchange happened:

Writer: You're brutal.

Me: It reads so much cleaner. You had seven lines, it only needs two. There's a link if they want more information on the exhibitions.

Writer: Why did you take out nudibranchs?

Me: Because people don't know what that general.

Writer: Keep it in.

Me: I don't know. Will people show up to an event if you say, Hey, come to our party and see our collection of NUDE-EE-BRANCH--

Writer: (correcting pronunciation) Nude-EE-brawn-K.  

Me: (continuing) ...see our collection of nude-EE-brawn-Ks and when you get there wonder why we didn't call it a sea slug and no, there is no nudity at this exhibit.

Writer: People like nudibranchs. It's staying. 

Me: People like free wine. Keep that in.

Writer: Fine. How's this (reading): Enjoy free wine and colorful array of rare nudibranchs... 

Me: Don't you think someone will show up expecting to eat the nudibranchs, thinking it's something you pair with wine. 

Writer: People aren't that stupid.